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Dorset Energy Advice Centre have been running their service to supply Energy Performance Certificates to Landlords and Agents in Dorset for over 3 years now. We are the energy efficiency experts who have over 15 years experience dealing with Landlords and Agents and advising them what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.


Our service uses only locally based Domestic Energy Assessors who are experts in energy efficiency, or the building or property industry. They are all trained by NHER, who provide a thorough course ensuring our DEA’s know what they are talking about.


We are the only service which is able to supply free low energy light bulbs and hot water tank jackets, as well as giving advice on the grants available to landlords to improve the insulation and heating in their properties, and have schemes landlords can take advantage of before their rating is compiled in some cases.


Our prices are competitive despite the fact we are offering so much more than just an EPC.


1 and 2 Bed Properties - £78 (inc VAT)

3 Bed Properties and above - £84 (inc VAT)


We would encourage all Landlords and Agents to look through all the information regarding the grants and schemes available now, and to have the relevant upgrades done before the ratings are compiled. You do not have to sign up with our EPC service to take advantage of our grants which are listed in our grants and project sections 

Phone us today and ask us about your Energy Performance Certificate requirements, and what else we can do, to help you get the most out of this opportunity, to upgrade your property, and make it an energy efficient property, so that tenants can be comfortable living in them.


Call Dorset Energy Advice Centre now on Freephone 0800 975 0166

Have a look below at DEAC's unique selling points:

- Locally based Domestic Energy Assessor’s
- All NHER/BRE qualified
- All with industry experience – building/insulation/energy efficiency
- Backed up by trained energy advisors in our office
- Supplies of free energy saving light bulbs and Hot Water Tank Jackets
- Supplies of free powerdowns (PC, Laptop, TV)

- Free insulation schemes
- Knowledge of all other loan and grant schemes from local authorities
- Landlords working within our organisation keeps us in touch with what landlords want
- Resources on best practice refurbishment methods for energy efficiency in properties
- Professional organisation dedicated to fast efficient customer service

Rental Energy Performance Certificates

Domestic energy consumption causes 25% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and domestic heating uses 90% of energy in the home. Improvement in the energy efficiency of our homes is therefore important in reducing the overall CO2 emissions.

What are the regulations?

Any residential property being sold now requires an energy performance certificate (EPC). As of 1st October 2008 any property that is let out will require an EPC under the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002/91/EC.

This will require an EPC to be commissioned by the Landlord or agent from a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). At present it is thought the certificate will be valid for 10 years.
The EPC details must be made available to prospective tenants when property details are first requested.
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) looks similar to the certificates found on many domestic appliances.


The certificate contains two ratings:

- An energy efficiency rating which is an A-G rating (A most efficient - G least efficient)
- An environmental impact rating indicating it's carbon dioxide emissions

The EPC is compiled using RDSap methodology, which stands for Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure. This survey gathers data about many variables about the property such as age, detachment, exposed perimeter walls, heating type and levels of insulation. It does not take into account how the property is used by the occupiers, and some assumptions are made about the property from the core data collected.

Each rating is based on the performance of the building itself and its services (e.g. heating and lighting), rather than the domestic appliances within it. This is known as an asset rating.

The certificate also lists the potential rating of the building if all the cost-effective measures were installed. The ratings will vary according to the age, location, size and condition of the building. The potential rating on the certificate will take these factors into account and the recommended measures will be appropriate for that particular building.
There will be recommendations for cost-effective actions to improve the building's rating. The potential rating is based on all the recommendations being implemented.

(Source: www.homeinformationpacks.gov.uk)


The Rating:

The majority of homes come within the D/E bands, indicating that some major improvements can be made.

Top tips for achieving a higher rating:

Here are the some of the most important and easy to implement measures:

Loft Insulation - Costs between £0 - £270 - prevents up to 30% heat loss (Grants available)
Installing loft insulation is very important, as it prevents rising warm air from escaping through the roof, making sure you have 270mm of loft insulation can make a 10% increase in the energy rating.

Cavity Wall Insulation - Costs between £0 - £500 - prevents up to 40% heat loss (Grants available)
Making sure the property is cavity filled is very important, as depending on its detachment the walls can be the biggest heat loss area of the property. It is very safe to do and will not cause damp if done professionally under the British Board of Agrement regulations (BBA). It even comes with a 25 year Government approved guarantee. This can result in an 8% increase in the energy rating.

Hot Water Cylinder Jacket - Costs from £0 - £10
There are many un-insulated or poorly insulated hot water tanks in our homes. Fit a tank jacket or replace your existing tank jacket and make an easy improvement of up to 6% on your energy rating.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) - Costs from £10 per radiator + installation
Fitting TRV’s to the radiators will make the heating system much more efficient. If in doubt always have a professional plumber or engineer fit these for you. An improvement of up to 4% is possible.

Low Energy Light Bulbs - Costs £0 - £50 to replace every light bulb
Replacing the conventional light bulbs to longer-lasting low energy equivalents can save up to 80% on related electricity costs. An improvement of up to 2% can be made on the energy rating.

Dorset Energy Advice Centre’s EPC Service

DEAC is privileged to be able to offer the provision of Energy Performance Certificates for Landlords and Letting Agents in Dorset. With 15 years experience in the energy efficiency field and 12 years experience assisting landlords in upgrading their properties energy efficiency DEAC knows how to provide the best possible service with the least amount of fuss.


Our aim is to offer a competitive price and to give discounts on volume orders. We only use fully qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessors who are based in Dorset to compile your reports. Our DEA’s will contact you and produce the EPC within 7 working days whenever possible.

Call us free on (0800) 975 0166

Please check back for more information including prices and contact Peter Bywater on (01202) 469907 or E-mail peter@deac.co.uk to register your details if you are a landlord, letting agent or management company interested in engaging our comprehensive services.


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