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DEAC Community Insulation Incentive

The new DEAC Community Insulation Incentive is able to coordinate and manage the process of allowing purpose built blocks of flats, which are 3 storeys and above, to have free cavity wall insulation installed. The new ECO (Energy Company Obligation) grants may also cover additional costs e.g. scaffolding or other access equipment, and may also cover extra large blocks.

The process:

1) An initial 15 minute external visual survey is carried out to ensure the property is suitable in principle
2) The managing agent or block representative collates the information on the residents, their properties and then obtains the relevant permissions (Management committee, freeholder, leaseholder and landlords) to proceed subject to survey.
3) The information is passed to DEAC who then arrange to have assessments carried out with all of the residents which take up to 40 minutes per flat (residents must be present).
4) DEAC engage an approved installer to carry out the insulation, scaffolding, and any enabling works.
5) The work is completed, signed off by the installer, the occupiers and the block representative or managing agent.

Additional Notes:
There may be funding towards loft insulation and in some cases for a new boiler if the resident qualifies,details are available on request.
Insulation can be classed as maintenance, because it is reducing the effects of condensation in the block, which may otherwise result in regular remedial works.
Please note that rooms in the roof, including mansard roofs do not count as a storey. Basements that are less than 50% exposed to the outside, also do not count as a storey.
Properties above 4 storeys may need additional works carried out to add or increase the number of weep holes in the wall to allow any water ingress from higher up the block to dissipate.
Please note scaffolding is only for the express use of the insulation contractor and is only set up to the insulation installer’s specification.
Properties will be insulated with a poly bead system which does not absorb water.
Cavity wall insulation carries a 25 year CIGA guarantee, through a Government backed guarantee scheme. Blocks above 4 storeys will require a guarantee with special conditions which is insured by the system designer and manufacturer of the insulation product.

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