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Around 35% of heat loss from an average property is lost through the walls.  Therefore it is usually best to insulate the walls before the loft.  This is because the area of walls is greater than the loft area in most cases.


The type of wall insulation that you need depends on your wall type, which is generally related to the age of the property.


In Dorset most properties, built after 1900 (or in some cases even earlier) have cavity walls, so to insulate them you need cavity wall insulation.  If your property was built after 1996, it should have been insulated while it was built but if you are unsure give us a call, and we may recommend that you get a free survey done.


If your property was built before 1900, it is likely to have been built of a solid brick construction, which will need insulating, or a solid stone construction, which normally does not.


Solid brick construction is a single skin or brick, common until 1900, solid stone is normally very think and therefore does not require insulation.


Solid brick walls lose more heat than cavity walls, and are more difficult to insulate, but doing so will help to create a more even temperature in your home, reducing condensation and your heating bills, as well as your carbon footprint.  There are two types of solid wall insulation: external and internal.



Cavity Wall Insulation

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